Primary Science and Outdoor Learning

Helen Spring is a Primary Science and Outdoor Learning Consultant and Author working in and around Yorkshire, as well as online.  As an experienced teacher, with a background in primary science, outdoor learning and CPD delivery, Helen is well-placed to support primary science subject leaders and teachers looking to improve the quality of their science teaching, as well as to lead practical workshops for children.  

Teaching Primary Science Outdoors, a book by Helen Spring

Teaching Primary Science Outdoors is a book packed full of outdoor science activities for primary children of all ages. Each activity is explained in detail and has guidance on assessment for learning, science capital as well as follow up and extension ideas. The book is supported by a downloadable resource pack. Click on the image to order your copy today!

Helen holds the Association for Science Education's Chartered Science Teacher mark. She is also a member of the ASE's Primary Committee and a Futures member.  Helen is the Reviews Editor for the ASE's Primary Science journal.  

Helen has been awarded this CPD Quality Mark from STEM Learning in recognition of her knowledge, skills, understanding, experience and expertise in delivering STEM CPD.  

Primary Science Quality Mark Hub Leader

As an Expert Hub Leader, Helen has worked with over 100 schools in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester helping them to develop their science teaching and learning.  She has delivered CPD to schools which focuses on Assessment of Primary Science, Science Capital and Teaching Primary Science Outdoors.  Helen has also presented at numerous PSQM festivals, and is involved in the reviewing process at a senior level.  


Helen works with CLEAPSS to create guidance for schools on safety in science lessons and on planning activities.  Recent work includes documents to support schools in studying bees, beekeeping and studying tadpoles.  

Howsham Mill Education Manager

A former flour mill in North Yorkshire, now generating renewable hydropower, Howsham Mill is a beautiful venue for Helen's free school visits.  Helen is a Forest School Practitioner, so activities are often Forest-School inspired, as well as including curriculum links where schools request them.

Associate Consultant, SEERIH, University of Manchester

Helen worked for SEERIH for four years between 2018 and 2022, leading eleven different networks for Primary Science Subject Leaders in Greater Manchester. Topics included progression in working scientifically, progression in conceptual understanding and Science Capital.  Helen was also involved in 'Smarter Choices', a primary-secondary transition research project with the University of Manchester.  

Professional Development Leader 

Helen worked as a Professional Development Leader for the National STEM Centre, leading CPD for primary science and ICT subject leaders, as well as focussed support for international schools.  As an independent consultant, Helen has worked for STEM Learning on numerous occasions. One project involved supporting several schools who applied for 'Intensive ENTHUSE' support by delivering CPD, one--to-one support and improving monitoring systems in schools.  Helen has also led and presented on a number of courses on behalf of STEM Learning.  

Polar Ambassador and Author

As a Polar Ambassador, Helen worked with a number of schools to develop their STEM teaching using Antarctica as a context. Workshops with pupils included eating like an explorer, using data loggers to carry out investigations and learning about climate change.  Helen also delivered CPD to staff focussing on Working Scientifically as well as the wider Polar Explorer Programme.  In addition to this, Helen co-authored the Polar Explorer Cookbook, a great resource for schools to use to support their science teaching.