Teaching Primary Science Outdoors!

Teaching Primary Science Outdoors is a book packed full of outdoor science activities for primary children of all ages. Each activity is explained in detail and has guidance on assessment for learning, science capital as well as follow up and extension ideas. The book is supported by a downloadable resource pack. Buy your copy today!

"Wholeheartedly recommended to anyone wanting practical guidance on taking science learning outside."

Sarah Earle

“The outdoor learning lesson was fab yesterday.  The children absolutely loved it!”

Subject Leader

After teaching States of Matter lesson

Journal of Emergent Science, Issue 21, June 2021

Practitioner Perspective: Why Choose to Learn Outside?

ASE Primary Science Leaders' Survival Guide 2021 Edition

Editors: Dave Allen, David Church and Helen Spring

ASE members only resource.

The Polar Explorer Cookbook

This resource provides five activities which support learning about food, diet, digestion and food preparation and preservation all set in the context of Polar Exploration.

This booklet has been provided by STEM Learning and is designed to support the Polar Explorer Programme.

Authors: Helen Spring and Bryony Turford (@priscigeeks)